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A buddy was in my town yesterday on business and i visited him for supper. He wanted help with a 40000 loan and so we met in the convention center where he was working in a booth for his company in the gold coin and currency tradeshow.

While wandering round the floor awaiting him I acquired intrigue. Especially interesting would be a display in the U.S. Mint revealing such things as printing plates for $10,000 notes, along with a debt loan and a million dollars in 10 $100,000 notes. Even saw a few billion dollar notes which looked pretty awesome but were knockoffs.

Besides every imaginable type of gold coin and currency, both foreign and domestic, including confederate, I observed traders of old stock certificates, bonds, baseball cards, vintage jewellery, antique movie posters and many types of stuff that had some history in it. I additionally saw an intriguing old chronograph watch plus some pocket watches like individuals used previously by railroad conductors and engineers.

I'm wondering if the really was only for enthusiasts and enthusiasts or maybe you could really make anything buying and selling these old coins and currency. My pal assured me the graders and sellers did, but that multiple people he understood tried very well in internet marketing on their own.

Swept up within the moment, I made the decision to test my hands. Consider I understood practically nothing by what to search for, my pal drawn out some catalogs and demonstrated us a couple simple things to begin with. We simplified it lower pretty especially a dollar bill silver certificates created throughout two particular years.

And So I put down and located some which based on the books were worth a lot more than the dealership was asking. Consider I love a margin of safety in everything, we haggled and that i got them at a much better cost.

I felt pretty happy with myself since i had leave with 6 one dollar bills allegedly worth approximately $34 and $42. However my purchasers remorse later explained I'd spent $15 to purchase $6. Plus basically considered within the $16 price of parking and admission I had been only searching in a scanty profit and most likely a loss of revenue basically needed to visit another show to sell these to another dealer.

In hindsight I most likely should have thought much more about it. However, I can invariably hold them for an additional half a century till they increase in value. Even better, I'll leave them in my beneficiaries to cope with.